22. Lucie, supporting women in their breastfeeding, ultimate freedom in medical care

22. Lucie, soutenir les femmes dans leur allaitement, ultime liberté dans les parcours médicalisés


In this new episode I receive Lucie.

Lucie is an entrepreneurial favourite, one of those women who make their battles a mission to help and support other women ! So that they no longer feel alone, and find support and solutions more quickly.

6 years of PMA , this is what Lucie went through before having her first daughter by emergency caesarean section. But for her the subject is not there, because what matters is to meet this long-awaited baby.

A long medical journey and a childbirth, admittedly accepted, but which is just as much, pushes Lucie to make breastfeeding her own moment, this moment when her body as a woman belongs to her and when she can have control, and choice . In this case, that of breastfeeding. But it was not a long calm river, and from this physically trying experience, Lucie came out stronger and even created the first ergonomic inflatable nursing pillow for the comfort of women.

Lucie tells us how she went through these trials and transformed his fight into a mission with women especially with Mumade, and gives us his valuable advice. What tenacity and resilience in this new episode! Thank you Lucie for sharing this and for your trust, as you go through a stressful end to your second pregnancy.

See you soon and great listening! 🍿

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