24. Emilie- Rare disease, life drive and sophrology

24. Emilie- Maladie rare, pulsion de vie et sophrologie


In this episode, I receive Emilie.

I had the good fortune to meet Emilie thanks to another woman whom I greatly admire, Laura Lesueur , inspirational woman and podcast host legend ladies (which I recommend!), and I thank her because Emilie is an incredible woman with great resilience !

Emilie is a sophrologist retraining, host of the The Ellesagissent podcast , which highlights the journey of women who act for others (I had the honor to speak about Wounded Women there), creator of a children's box on emotions which will soon be released in bookstore, and mother of two children.

Emilie learns while she is pregnant that she is a carrier of a rare disease, "fragile X", and that she can pass it on to her unborn child. It is then that Emilie will live the biggest upheaval of his life, a difficult course of care and in the cruel isolation of the first three months of pregnancy in silence.

The anguish, the pain of the samples, the ax of the announcements.

This great upheaval in her life will lead her to sophrology. First as a practitioner of the discipline and very quickly as a sophrologist, to help other women get through these stressful moments in life.

Emilie confides for the first time in this episode about that painful moment in her life that opened up an emotional scar, that she is beginning to heal, and I thank her warmly for her courage and her confidence in putting her story at the service of other women who would live this journey.

In this episode you will learn more about Emilie, about this disease but also about the journeys in Prenatal Diagnostic Center, which are psychologically taxing, but also of course the benefits of sophrology.

Thank you Emilie for your speaking out and your trust! ❤️

See you soon and great listening! 🍿


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