EPISODE 6. Valérie, a warrior nurse: her endometriosis and the choice of a hysterectomy at 40 years old.

EPISODE 6. Valérie, une infirmière guerrière : son endométriose et le choix d'une hystérectomie à 40 ans.


In this episode Valérie shares her journey with us fight against endometriosis , little known at the time she was diagnosed, her fight against the treatments that made her gain a lot of weight and against her own view of her body. His desire for a child was stronger than anything. At the age of 40, however, the disease takes up too much space and will lead her to a hysterectomy.

Valérie also tells us psychological scars what have left obstetric violence that she suffered when she was young during her first illness due to her endometriosis, the violence of the words of the doctors and the indelible scar during her first birth: severe postpartum hemorrhage who will force him to be transfused.

Valérie is a nurse, and uses her own patient experience every day to offer the most humane care possible to her patients.

Thank you Valérie (my dear mother) for testifying here. Thank you for your courage and for all the other hardships you have already endured in your life.

Nice listening! 🍿

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