EPISODE 7. Lucie, transforming an ordeal to revolutionize her life!

EPISODE 7. Lucie, transformer une épreuve pour révolutionner sa vie !


In this episode Lucie shares with us her journey from fighting pain for more than 20 years after one laparotomy she suffered at age 11 due to a carcinoid tumor of the colon , which results in a right colectomy and 12 cm scar on the belly . At the time no one warned him of adhesions induced which will form in her belly and she will spend 20 years suffering and hearing "that it hurts in her head" before finally being relieved.

Lucie tells us how she transformed all these trials into strength in order to see only a symbol of its resilience and what concrete actions it has put in place to move forward.

Lucie is now in training as a certified coach to accompany everyone as she herself was accompanied.

Thank you Lucie for your generosity and your testimony!

Nice listening! 🍿

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