Word from the Founder

Welcome to Wounded Women,

My name is Audrey, I am 35 years old and I am the founder of Wounded Women.

In 2019, I had an emergency cesarean section for my first child and I had a very bad experience of it.

What I missed:

I would have liked support, advice, an explanation of what I had experienced and how to take care of myself and my scar. I would also have liked to find lingerie adapted to my scar and which would allow me to dress without pain . I would have liked to meet women like me , and not feel alone anymore.

What I decided:

Observing that none of this existed and that there were more than 150,000 of us a year in France suffering from our stomach scars (caesarean sections and other surgeries), I decided to help women and bring them what I would have liked to have!

Not finding lingerie adapted to my scar, I decided to offer all women with stomach discomfort, dedicated lingerie specially designed for them, to help them in their daily lives. Wounded Women offers two models of panties dedicated to our scars:

  • high panties
  • maxi high panties

The isolation also weighed heavily on me after this caesarean section. It is important to break the isolation of women by allowing them to talk to each other, to move and to resume a social, professional and family life. And that's what Wounded Women offers thanks to:

  • his podcast
  • your testimonials
  • our meetings, our workshops and our events

Thanks to Wounded Women, I am proud to help and to support women to feel freer and more powerful on a daily basis.

So that no woman is left alone!

You are strong, powerful and capable!

No scar without Superheroine
culotte haute césarienne cicatrices
"Olympe" high-waisted maxi briefs
culotte haute césarienne cicatrice
"Michelle" high-waisted panties