What is a caesarean section?

Caesarean section, what is it exactly?

When you have a caesarean, inevitably comes with it a scar of about 12 cm . Depending on the case it may be more.

Caesarean section is a surgical procedure. It allows delivery by incision of the abdomen and uterus.

In France, nearly one woman in five gives birth to her child by Caesarean section. Caesarean section is therefore not a rare event. This intervention is carried out when the conditions, in the mother or in the child, are not favorable to delivery by natural means.

In 40% of cases, cesarean section is planned.

In 60% of cases, it is performed in an emergency or during labor after an attempt to give birth by natural means (vaginal way). The decision to give birth by caesarean section or by natural means is reassessed throughout the pregnancy and during labour. ¼ This decision is made based on your condition or that of your child.

Emergency Cesarean

Caesarean section can be decided during labor when vaginal delivery becomes impossible. It can also be practiced in an emergency to save the mother or the child. Sometimes it can be done in extreme urgency. “ Cesarean section is a frequent technique, increasingly safe, but it is not a trivial act ” The birth you are going to experience may be different from the one you had planned.

Planned cesarean section

You may be offered a planned caesarean section if difficulties in the course of childbirth are foreseeable and likely to have consequences for your baby or yourself. There are rare situations that prevent delivery by natural means (for example: incorrect positioning of the placenta, trauma of the mother in the mother's history or certain illnesses). A planned caesarean section is then necessary.

There are also situations where the decision will be made on a case-by-case basis: ¼ If you have already had a caesarean section; ¼ If your baby comes in the seat; ¼ If you are expecting twins; ¼ If you are expecting a baby whose estimated weight is significant; ¼ If you carry certain viruses.

A scheduled caesarean may become an emergency caesarean if labor begins before the scheduled date of the intervention.

What if I want a planned caesarean section?

If this is your case, discuss it as soon as possible with the professional monitoring your pregnancy . He must offer you personalized support, in particular identifying the specific reasons for your request (for example: fear of childbirth by natural means, fear of pain, or previous traumatic experiences). He must discuss this with you based on the benefits and risks associated with the planned caesarean section. These exchanges should lead to a “shared decision”. Your doctor may refuse to perform a caesarean on request. He must then direct you to one of his colleagues.

source: HAS website : https://www.has-sante.fr/upload/docs/application/pdf/2013-07/brochure_patient_cesarienne_mel_2013-07-02_11-25-35_632.pdf

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