Scar & physiotherapy

1. Scar & physiotherapy

👉🏼 Physiotherapist, it is, thanks to different techniques, to prevent the alterations of functional capacities, to contribute to their maintenance, and, if they are altered, to restore or supplement them.

👉🏼 The physiotherapist can help you heal by working on tissue mobility, removing scar adhesions and simply massaging!

Before surgery, it allows in the best of cases, to avoid surgical revision (which would create another scar) by softening the tissue . After surgery, the action of the physiotherapist is anti-oedematous and anti-shrinkage .

👉🏼 3 key points : mobilization, massage and relaxation ++

2. How a session takes place:

The session always begins with an anamnesis : why is the patient coming, what surgery, since when, location of her scar? Then depending on the age of the scar, different massage and mobilization techniques will be used. The rhythm of the sessions is adapted to the scar and the availability of the patient.

3. The key point to remember:

👉🏼 If there was one thing to remember about physio and healing, it's that it seems essential to work on the mobility of the scar and tissues to avoid shrinkage and stiffness.

4. Advice from Jessica Dancyger, physiotherapist masseur:

Talk about it around you, there is no "age" to work on a scar, we always manage to recover mobility.
Our expert recommends our lingerie

" I recommend lingerie because it protects the scar and therefore limits friction and thus, indirectly, helps better healing !

We hope that with the site and the advice, more and more women will be aware of what can be done with a scar .”

Find Jessica's office and her account on social networks which relays all the workshops she organizes!

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