Gynecological & obstetric scars

A midwife it is a profession at the service of women's health to accompany them throughout their lives , from the first period to menopause, including pregnancy and the monitoring of contraception or sexual health.

👉🏼 A midwife is not only there to accompany you during pregnancy.

Your midwife can help you heal (caesarean section, episiotomy, etc.) because she has valuable tools such as her knowledge, her experience of physiology, and attentive listening to your symptoms and your pain.

1. How can the midwife help the woman heal?

Your midwife helps the woman in her healing process, before, during and after:

  • Your midwife can help you during your pregnancy to get to know your perineum better, to massage it, to rehabilitate it if necessary.
  • She sometimes accompanies you during the birth of your baby and tries to help you find the most favorable position to give birth to your baby without creating any lesions if possible (massage, postures, hot water compress, etc.) and postpartum during care at home
  • and/or in the office, she will help you use effective local treatments, and supplement more or less with tecartherapy sessions, for example, if she is equipped.

👉🏼 3 key points according to our midwife:

  • know your body
  • act to protect
  • listening to offer appropriate care, and not minimizing the pain “ it is not always “NORMAL” to have pain

2. How does a session take place?

The session goes as follows:

  • a discussion around the symptom, the impressions, precisely describe the place, the sensations “it burns, it pulls, it itches…”, using drawings and active listening
  • careful, careful, and respectful consideration
  • possibly photos (with the patient's agreement), or a diagram to show and explain what the caregiver has seen and help the patient to visualize her body.
  • a proposal for targeted therapy : local care, tecartherapy, massage, rehabilitation, addressed to a doctor / osteo if necessary to complete, and offer rehabilitation to get moving while accompanying the pain
  • encourage and congratulate !

3. The Takeaway

The midwife can be consulted without a medical prescription at any time in the woman's life, she often has a well-filled address book to be able to redirect if necessary, and she generally also demonstrates active listening to provide advice. help, do not hesitate to consult without waiting too long!

4. Our midwife 's advice :

Pain is not inevitable: daring to talk about it is already a first step towards healing.

5. Why our midwife recommends our lingerie:

Our midwife recommends our lingerie

“On painful scars that you cannot touch because they also sometimes tell of a traumatic experience, the slightest pressure on the area can cause unbearable pain.

Protecting your scar from the friction of clothes, feeling your abdomen supported pleasantly and nicely by suitable lingerie such as Audrey offers can be a precious help and a first step towards healing!

Congratulations Audrey for this innovative project that lightens the daily lives of women!!!"

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