EPISODE 13 - Camélia - 1 cancer, 4 mastectomies and steel morale

EPISODE 13 - Camélia - 1 cancer, 4 mastectomie et un moral d'acier


In this episode I get Camellia .

Camellia discovered her breast cancer, one day by chance while feeling her breast. Her cancer, stage 3, was very aggressive and the surgical option was imposed even before she had time to understand the path that awaited her.

There followed a long period of very aggressive chemo which put her on the ground. Then barely his head out of the water, depression will come knocking at the door of his return to almost normal life. And as life sometimes plays many tricks on us, Camélia will learn a few months later that she is carrying a very rare gene and will have to continue its preventive operations and as she says "mutilate his body"..

Today she has 7 scars a majority of which are due to her 4 mastectomies, and a major one on her stomach due to her reconstruction.

Camélia talks to us about everything without taboo: the violence of the side effects of chemo, the end of treatment and the difficulty of hanging up the wagons of her life.

Thank you Camélia for your generosity, your trust and all the prevention you share in this episode.

This episode comes out during Pink October 🎀 and it is a magnificent episode of prevention: in case of doubt consult and do not hesitate to insist on having the examinations you want!

no scarwithoutsuperheroine!

Nice listening! 🍿

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