EPISODE 9. Cindy - PART 1 - Leading a sleeve health journey and breaking the taboo on weight loss as a medical staff

EPISODE 9. Cindy - PARTIE 1 - Mener un parcours de sleeve pour sa santé et lever le tabou sur la perte de poids quand on est personnel médical


In this episode in two parts , I get Cindy.

In this first part, Cindy lifts the taboo on weight loss for health reasons. She explains to us what led her to make the decision to perform a sleeve and then the induced surgery due to the excess skin.

In this FIRST PART, Cindy addresses the psychological difficulties associated with the sleeve course, and the relationship to her body. She also had two other pregnancies during this journey, which presented her body with new challenges. Cindy also discusses in this episode the need to always seek a second medical opinion, and to stand up against medical violence.

Thank you Cindy for addressing this so important and so little treated and therefore so little known subject.

Cindy is a nurse in the operating room, and supports her patients as well as possible, as she would have liked, she would have been accompanied in her own health journey.

Thank you Cindy for your generosity and your testimony! See you next week for the second part!

In PART TWO, which will be published next week, Cindy will discuss the surgical course induced by this strong loss of weight (a bodylift) , and the complications generated. Carrying out a "simple sleeve" is actually much more complex than we think.

Nice listening! 🍿

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