EPISODE 2 - Juliette, breastfeeding despite breast cancer

EPISODE 2 - Juliette, son allaitement malgré le cancer du sein


In this episode Juliette talks to us about her journey as a woman & mother injured by cancer and her relationship to the disease and her scar.

She tells us about her fight, but also about her positive vision of this ordeal. Juliette beat her cancer and nursed her babies from one breast.

His testimony is precious and can, I hope, restore some hope.

Thanks to Juliette for the generosity of her testimony.

Nice listening! 🍿

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To find Juliette: @juliette_jnspc on instagram

Resources cited by Juliette:

- The illustrator who made comics about her breast cancer: https://www.instagram.com/lilisohn/?hl=fr

- Géraldine Dormoy's book - Cancer not so serious

- The Impatiente podcast:https://nouvellesecoutes.fr/podcast/impatiente/

- Emilie Brunette:https://www.instagram.com/emiliebrunette/?hl=fr

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