The caesarean niche or isthmocele: a complication finally diagnosed!

Do you have a caesarean and you have persistent abdominal pain at your caesarean section scar, heavy bleeding, menstrual disorders or even infertility ?
You may be one of the 40% of women who suffer from isthmocele or "caesarean niche" after their caesarean delivery!

"60% of women who give birth by caesarean would suffer from isthmocele, that is to say a swelling of variable importance of the uterine scar and forming a pocket, explains Professor François Goffinet, obstetrician-gynecologist and Head of the Department of Port-Royal Maternity Hospital (Paris, AP-HP)"

Since the beginning of 2023, 31 international experts have published the first international definition of this "caesarean niche" which they have renamed: "caesarean scar disorder" (" Cesarean Scar Disorder ") in the JAMA Open Network journal .

Isthmocele, what is it?

The isthmocele is a healing defect , a small hernia, a small "hollow", of a few millimeters (about 2mm) which forms in the uterine cavity, more precisely in the muscle on the uterine isthmus.

This "hollow" can retain the flow during menstruation and cause abdominal or even pelvic pain .

This is what it looks like in your stomach:

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