Are you a healthcare professional?

Midwives, gynecologists, kinesiologists, osteopaths, maternities and hospitals recommend our panties dedicated to the comfort of the stomach and our discussion workshops on the daily experience with a scar (visible or invisible).

Do you want to complete your support for your patients, or recommend lingerie ?

We can, according to your needs, send you flyers or a discovery model.

Facilitate recovery

Our innovative models help facilitate recovery after surgery .

They relieve women by allowing them to live their daily life again and by preserving their scar.

They help healthcare professionals in their post-operative support for their patients.

Daily relief

Our models:

  • protect scars from friction
  • keep the belly sensitive
  • slow down the appearance of hypertrophic scars thanks to their light contention
  • respect all skin types, even the most sensitive
  • do not tighten and let the abdominals and the lymphatic system work

100% of our clients see their daily life improve physically and emotionally!

They trust us

Health professionals testify

Protecting your scar from the rubbing of clothes, feeling your abdomen supported pleasantly and nicely by adapted lingerie such as Wounded Women offers can be a precious help and a first step towards healing! Congratulations Audrey for this innovative project which lightens women's daily lives !!!

Marie-Elise, midwife and author of "Sos post-partum"

Today no underwear is suitable and few clothes too. Friction can create a slight inflammatory ground that will not facilitate healing. I know that with Wounded Women lingerie, the scar is protected by a thick, sheathing fabric. This light sheathing effect will stimulate local micro-circulation, which is also very beneficial during the scarring period.

Manon, osteopath and author "A freer body"