What material are the panties made of?

The panties are produced in a very high-end innovative technical fabric.

In order to protect our scars, but also to respect our skin and guarantee women elegant and effective lingerie, I chose a very high-end technical fabric, 100% French.

Our panties are innovative and are the first to use this fabric for this purpose.

A know-how

The French workshop that produces the fabric has exceptional know-how.

The fabric chosen is oeko-tex standard 100 .

It is designed and dyed in France , in the fabric manufacturing workshop.

This know-how is one of the last in Europe to know how to produce an integrated fabric, from the raw material to the finished & dyed product.

A unique, technical and....magical material!

This very high-end innovative technical fabric provides an unprecedented wearing experience for women!

Convalescence and healing are facilitated thanks to this material.

An innovation at the service of women

Women have never worn fine, resistant and effective lingerie to protect their belly scars .

The constitution of the material in a single filament limits abrasions , deposits in the machine, and its alteration over time.

The fabric ensures great durability of the panties , including for the black models which are also worn as a swimsuit.


The fabric is made of 32% elastane and 68% polyamide. It is oeko-tex standard 100 guaranteeing total harmlessness to the skin.

The technical assets necessary to ensure all the qualities of the lingerie could not be achieved with a biosourced material to date.